It’s no secret how much back pain can cause suffering and commit someone to exist in survival mode. For the overwhelming population that will feel the impact of back pain at some point in their life, the doctors at Pain Free for Life are sharing all that we know in our combined 70+ years of discipline concerning the throes of back pain.

What's Inside?

The goal of this book is to guide you toward a life free from the woes of back pain and offer natural methods of healing that acknowledge and regenerate the root cause of your pain supplemented with the strategic use of microcurrent therapy.

Inside you will learn:
  •  What causes chronic back pain
  •  The difference between inflammatory pain and degenerative pain
  •  The connection between back pain and posture
  •  The problem with conventional methods of pain treatment
  •  Holistic methods of healing your pain
  •  How microcurrent therapy can replace addictive opioids
  •  How to naturally heal your back pain with microcurrent therapy

If you or someone you love is suffering from chronic back pain, this is the holistic method of healing you’ve been looking for!

See What People Are Saying:

If You Have ANY Kind of Pain, I Highly Recommend You Try This!

"As a former athlete, I've had quite a few injuries. Recently, my back was in so much pain that it was radiating all the way down from my neck to my sciatic nerve. Nothing I was trying was helping. I was introduced to the Avazzia Evolution and to be honest... I was pretty skeptical that this little device was going to do anything. My girlfriend ran the recommended protocol on me and we were both blown away. Before she started, my left shoulder was about 2 inches higher than my right. After she treated me, not only were my shoulders equal (in about 7 minutes), my pain was significantly better. After a few more treatments, it was GONE! Now I use the device daily and it has made a huge difference. I also started treating our pets and they love it. If you have ANY kind of pain, I highly recommend you try this.".