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“This is the absolute next best thing to having personal, 24 hour on-call access to Dr. John Haché himself.”

If you are truly committed to overcoming chronic pain, we invite you to join our Pain Free for Life Membership Community for exclusive pain resolution support unlike any to be found anywhere else in the world. 

Whether you are a patient or a practitioner, the Hache Protocol Private Membership gives you everything you need to accelerate your healing. You will receive no-holds-barred access to expert pain management mentorship; private events and trainings; and exclusive member discounts on Private Consultations, Protocol Training, Device Upgrades, and Products. 

Whatever model microcurrent device you own—or even if you are still deciding which model is right for you—this is hands down the most affordable way to get the cutting-edge information, comprehensive training, and personal and technical support you need to use your available microcurrent technology to its fullest potential.

 “The technology of this magic little device is unrivaled, but would sit unused if it weren't for the training and support provided, which is also unrivaled. (The staff at Pain Free for Life) endlessly and patiently answer all our questions – thank you for the awesome support!” 

- Inger Grape

When you join The Hache Protocol Private Membership, you will get:

Instant Access to the Best Microcurrent Training and Support Available Anywhere

Unsure how to use your device safely and for best results? No worries. Our monthly step-by-step training modules will help you master your microcurrent device for best possible outcome. Learn to treat a variety of conditions with consistent results at your own pace, without feeling overwhelmed by the technology. You will also get additional supplemental trainings and specialized protocols to help you reduce your pain through advanced Hache Protocol techniques.

“I absolutely enjoy the monthly videos on various topics, they greatly enhance the learning process of using the device and understanding the protocols.”     – David H

Live Online Training Course Support Calls

No more wondering and worrying whether you’re doing it right. Get direct support on a monthly call with members of our team. You’ll get instant answers to your questions, expert advice, and detailed help in how to use the tools, training, and resources you have at your disposal for faster, better healing results.

“The private group training is fantastic. It means that I can keep up and learn the protocols, etc. even from New Zealand. Highly recommended to all.“     – Wayne Smith

Direct Access to Dr. John Haché

In addition to having access to The Hache Protocol expert team, now you can learn directly from the world’s top expert in pain resolution through microcurrent therapy. Dr. Haché will be providing regularly scheduled Facebook Live chats to answer questions and talk about relevant topics and issues facing pain management patients.

“My wife and I purchased an Avazzia micro current machine in May of 2017. From the very beginning, Dr. Hache and his team have always been accessible, caring and professional in response to my many questions. I am very pleased by the quality and consistency of the service I continually receive from Dr. Hache and his team.”     – John Parker

Unrivaled Technical Support

The team that brought microcurrent technology to North America is available to answer your technical questions and help you through any issues that may arise.

“The team at Pacific Health Options has been amazing, always there to offer support and answer my endless questions as I learn how to use my device to its full potential.”     – Jane P.

Access to Exclusive Cutting-Edge Content via Private FB Live

You will be amongst the first to learn about breakthroughs, protocol adjustments, and the latest tips and tricks to maintain your health.

“Great knowledge base on microcurrent and extremely helpful people who have been helping us deal with pain management for the past four years when nobody else could.”     – William R.

Private Online Microcurrent and Pain Resolution Community

Right away with your membership, you will receive an invitation to join our private Facebook community. Here, you will have access to member’s only content, resources, and discounts. Plus, you’ll be able to network and build relationships with our awesome Pain Free For Life community members, who are like a world-round family of support.

“Very happy to be a part of this healing community.”    

– Beth M

You Will Also Get Exclusive Members Only Discounts certain services and product lines that are unavailable anywhere else.

“I am grateful beyond words for the value that I and my clients have received. I look forward to what the future brings in Micro Current technology!”     – Zona M

We have literally packed thousands of dollars of value into each and every month of membership, starting with your very first day. This is a VERY affordable way to make sure you get the very best support available on your journey to a pain-free life.

Make the investment in yourself, and let’s get you enjoying a life without pain as quickly and easily as possible!


Ready to accelerate your healing and get the most out of your microcurrent device?

Select the membership option that works best for you: 




Enjoy easy, affordable monthly payments. You can cancel or upgrade at any time.





Get 2 months FREE, plus a complimentary ticket for your friend or spouse when you enroll in any live class. ($200 value) AND a 30-minute private consultation.



“The quality in information and instruction is excellent. The fact that this (company) is willing to share this information to…those interested in improving their health or the health of their loved ones shows the unselfish and respectful attitude of this group. I love the energy of this group.” 

– Judi P


  Are ready to finally overcome chronic pain once and for all, as quicklyand easily as possible
  Own a microcurrent device of any kind and are unsure how to utilize your device to its highest potential
  Want to learn to use microcurrent in the safest way possible
  Are interested in getting discounted rates on pain resolution trainings, events, and products
  Want to be one of the first to know about cutting edge information on microcurrent technology and practice
  Would like direct access to the world’s foremost experts on microcurrent technology
  Want to know the exact best specific techniques needed to help resolve hundreds of different types of pain and chronic illness so you can become a resource for family, friends, and/or patients
  Know the value of community support in overcoming pain, and want to be a part of an extremely tight-knit, supportive community of people committed to natural pain-free living
  Love to receive discounts, special deals, and exclusive offers on trainings, products, and services

Whether you are a chronic pain patient, family member, or practitioner, and regardless of the type of microcurrent device you own, we’ve designed this program to maximize your value and make it as easy as possible for you to reach your pain resolution goals.


“I am extremely glad to be associated with a company that provides quality products coupled with expert education and training at all levels. The additional support over the last 14 yrs has been without fail the best I have ever seen any company provide”  

– Zona M

“Professional, kind & compassionate family-based company whom are passionate about making natural medicine our future medicine. With their foundation being microcurrent & biofeedback, they provide elite training for their advanced technology providing only quality conservative care for future generations to come....” 

 Kimberly Ann

I have been a MicroCurrent practitioner for over 15 years and wish I had the advantage of the membership back when I first started. This individualized training method is so valuable, whether you are a beginner as my granddaughter is or a practitioner looking to improve on techniques. I love that you can access the website at our own convenience! It's a definite bonus to the training venue." 

– Pamela Plattner

I enjoy the information I am receiving on how to help the body heal without harming it, and how to better use my equipment. The Avazzia has helped me personally , but it’s amazing to see the effect it has on the clients that I work with. This is a device that keeps on giving even after the first application.”

– Beth M.


John, Lorry and Robert have helped me and my pets tremendously. Someone has always been available to answer when I have had a problem or question.” 

-– Kathy L.


I have had my Avazzia for my personal use for awhile but never used it to its full potential. In just a couple of weeks in the Private group, I have received enough training to help lessen my lower back pain. I am looking forward to learning more!”

– Zona Emberton Mikkelsen

I have found Private Membership to be an excellent complementary learning tool to our annual four day hands on teaching with Dr John Hache in Brisbane. It's also possible to take a family member to the group training for a reduced fee. Indeed free of charge during first year Membership of the private group. The Private Group provides the opportunity to learn throughout the year, with monthly video teachings on subjects recommended or requested by members, weekly live Webinars with the opportunity to ask questions in real time, and also 5 minute video teachings. These are all archived and can be referenced 24/7. If there are any burning questions we can contact Rob on Messenger, as it seems he never sleeps, and is responsive quickly to time zones around the world. Last but not least, special discounts are available to members on the Sana Shop, often up to 20%. And 20% off the cost of a PS3 is well worth having. 

– Dennis Hannon

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The Hache Protocol Private Membership is by far the most value-laden program we have ever offered. Based on the experiences and feedback of hundreds of members, we are confident you will be completely satisfied. And if for any reason within the first 7 days you don’t feel it’s for you, no worries: we’ll refund every penny with no questions asked.




 The Best Microcurrent Training and Support Available Anywhere in simple, easy-to-follow format accessible 24/7
 Monthly Live Online Training Support Calls
 Direct Access to Dr. John Hache, the world’s top expert in pain resolution through microcurrent therapy
Unrivaled Technical Support
 Exclusive Cutting-Edge Information on microcurrent and pain resolution
 Private Online Microcurrent and Pain Resolution Community
Exclusive Members-Only Offers and Discounts

The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution Comprehensive Program




(2 Free Months)

 The Best Microcurrent Training and Support Available Anywhere in simple, easy-to-follow format accessible 24/7
 Monthly Live Online Training Support Calls
Direct Access to Dr. John Hache, the world’s top expert in pain resolution through microcurrent therapy
Unrivaled Technical Support
 Exclusive Cutting-Edge Information on microcurrent and pain resolution
 Private Online Microcurrent and Pain Resolution Community
Exclusive Members-Only Offers and Discounts

The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution Comprehensive Program

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